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The Golden Years

The littlest paws make the biggest prints on our hearts.

Senior Pet Photography

With over 22 years in the veterinary industry, I have a deep understanding of the bonds that we share with our pets.

They are the souls that bring us happiness, comfort, and companionship. We’ve invited into our homes, our hearts, and even, at times, our own solitude.

Life passes us by, and before we know it, that time is gone. That little heartbeat at our feet is getting older. And they will someday be making their journey over the rainbow bridge. Make these memories count.

At-Home Session

We can make your pets entirely comfortable and relaxed at home, where their favorite things are readily available. Home is where so many of your memories have been made over the years and where they can feel like themselves off-leash.

An at-home session is perfect for pets with mobility limitations or public anxieties.

Outdoor/Public Session

If you have a favorite place to visit with your pet, whether a park, pond, or pet-friendly store where they tag along for your errands, memories can be captured all while enjoying their favorite activities.

Preparing for Your Session

If you’ve ever been through a photoshoot with human children…
you already have a head start on what to prepare for with your pet!

1. Find the right spot!

When choosing the ideal location for your pet’s photoshoot, keep in mind their established behaviors, fears and instincts. We want a location where you, as their pet parent, can maintain the utmost safety in handling during the photoshoot. We also want your pet to be in a place where they will be more inclined to perk their ears, play around & stay as calm & relaxed as possible so we can catch their true personality! Avoid areas where your pet may be more prone to negative reactivity, or anxiety signs such as panting, excessive drooling, hiding/shaking, barking etc.

2. Bring noisy stuff!

Plan to bring 1-2 favorite toys …preferably those that make noise to get those adorable eyeballs where we want them!

3. Bring yummy stuff!

Plan to bring small, high value treats in a baggy or treat pouch to reward for awesome jobs well done plus a little bribery.

4. Bring proper restraining and training tools!

Please keep in mind that I will be behind the camera and unable to physically assist you in restraining your pet or guiding them into their desired obedience commands. This is where you come in! I will verbally guide you during the session on where I may need you whether you are in the shot or calling commands behind the scenes. You will be responsible for maintaining appropriate restraint of your pet during the entire shoot and it is entirely your choice on whether that is on or off leash. Please make your decisions for this based on your comfort level with their known behavioral background within the chosen environment. Plan to bring back up humans willing to help if you have more than one pet or a high maintenance character on your hands.

5. Ready for my close up!

Just like us, we want to look our best for our photoshoot so keep in mind any grooming, brushing or general clean-up appointments you may need to make ahead of your shoot. Any costumes, clothing and/or collars and leashes are all your choice as far as color and pattern and size. 

6. Stay Healthy!

I’ve got years of veterinary clinic experience under my belt so you know I can’t make a tips page without throwing in the medical tips too! Parasites are everywhere. They are in the soil, in the grass, in the bushes… worms and fleas and ticks, oh my! Parasite preventatives are highly recommended to be on board wherever our photoshoot takes us to be sure your pet doesn’t sneak any unwanted hitchhikers back home. I highly encourage home lifestyle shoots for puppies who are still completing their vaccine series so as not to put them at greater risk for diseases like Distemper & Parvo.

7. Take it easy on your older folks!

Always consider your pet’s physical limitations. If your pet is a senior (7yrs+), has a serious medical condition, or has trouble with arthritis or mobility in general, I highly suggest a home/lifestyle session where they can be within the comforts of their own home.

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– Ashley ✨